Principal Consultant

Silverbullet A/S
Working as a consultant doing technology management consulting

Senior Consultant

Working as a senior consultant within the practice of Service Delivery & Technologies

Solution Architect

Lead Architect within the area of Servers and Storage. Defention of new target architecture and datacentre stratgey

IT Consultant

Skatteministeriet (Danish Ministry of Taxtion)
Preparing and writing architectural documentation for outsourcing bids. Developing transitions strategies and working as technical QA

Operations Architect

Operations Architect in the SDM team. My job can best be described as a mix between an Operations Manager and a Solution Architect. I work with both the technical aspects of architecture and the business related aspects of service management processes.

Solution Architect

CSC Danmark A/S
2010 - 2011
Infrastructure Architect.. My primary work involved design and architectural governance of SAP infrastructure. I utilized a broad skill-set common to the IT Architecture design process and got hands on experience working with solution design frameworks such as TOGAF and Zachmann

Lead Engineer

CSC Danmark A/S
2004 - 2010
Large scale UNIX implementation and engineering on high availability cluster systems. I implemented Storage Solutions (SAN) on major platforms utilizing wide technical skills in regard to products like IBM AIX, HP/UX, Linux, EMC, HDS, IBM TotalStorage and others. I was considered a specialist in areas regarding hardware virtualization

System Programmer

Scandinavian Airlines
1999 - 2004
UNIX Administrator and System Programming (Shell, Perl, C). I did security audit work for SAS and their Star Alliance Partners

IT Specialist

IBM Danmark A/S
1992 - 1999
I got employed by IBM straight out of school. I mainly worked with UNIX and IT Security. I was a part of the ‘Rent a hacker you can trust’ program doing what is called ‘Ethical Hacking’